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PROJECT NAME: Open Educational Resources (OER) Background and Action Report for Bilateral and Multilateral Agencies project.   


PURPOSE:  This project has developed a background and actionable strategies paper for bilateral and multilateral institutions to contribute to global OER activities. These efforts are aimed at helping to promote institutional collaboration in future OER endeavors.  Project outcomes are licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license.


Link to original PDF of the Report: http://www.paulwest.org/public/Background_and_action_paper_on_OER.pdf 

Copy of the Report (on Scribd): http://www.scribd.com/doc/54419259/Background-and-Action-Paper-on-OER-1st-Edition 

Copy of Report (on iWork): http://public.iwork.com/document/?a=p162309696&d=Background_and_action_paper_on_OER_Ed01.pages  


We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. Comments may be added to the Scribd site or emailed to: oerreportcomment@pgw.org 




Kathy A. Nicholson

Associate Program Officer, Education

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


Document authors: Paul G. West and Lorraine Victor


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